Social/Cultural Events

As you know over the years we have run various social and cultural events and The Social Committee would like to hear from you what you would like us to do in the future.

Have you got any suggestions?

Would you be happy with the annual race night?

Would you like a meal and entertainment in the synagogue social centre?

We will continue with Friday Night Suppers, Monthly Lunches, Hanukah, Purim Party, Seder Night, Garden Party, Daniel Pearl Evening but would really like to hear from you as to what we can do for you.

We have a full program for you this year as follows.

Programme for 2016


24th February Lunch

23rd March Purim Talent Lunch at our normal restaurant

22nd April Communal Seder

May Lunch date to be confirmed

June Lunch date to be confirmed

5th June Race Night

4th September Garden Party

3rd/ 4th October Rosh Hashanah

11th October Night/12th October Yom Kippur

16th to 23rd October Succot

25th October Simchat Torah

16th November Luncheon

14th December Luncheon

For further details please email

For luncheon bookings, please contact Carole on 96 689 6279 or Rona on 96 649 5790