Shirley Natanson Baehr 1951-2016


As I put pen to paper – or rather fingers to keyboard – I simply cannot believe that Shirley is no longer with us on this earth. She was so full of life that it is impossible to accept that she is not just round the corner, on her computer, tablet or phone.
Shirley was a warm and loving person. Family and friends were everything to her and friends soon became family. Her ‘family’ spread all over the world and as her circle grew so did her devotion. There was always room in her heart for yet more friends.
You all know that Shirley was Hon Secretary and Membership Secretary of our Synagogue; that she chaired the Social Committee and organised the fantastic social events held throughout the year. But you may not know that she was also Groups Organiser for the local U3A, co-ordinating some 50-plus group activities and attending most of them every month. Every one of the 1500 or so members of Moraira/Teulada U3A knew Shirley and she could not leave the house without being recognised by at least a dozen people.
Although she was a very busy person Shirley always found time to care for and help everyone who crossed her path. Anyone who ever met Shirley remembers her and has a story about what she did for them. She took on everyone’s problems and set about solving them. I am sure that as you read these words you are remembering all the little ways in which she touched your life.
Shirley, I and all your many, many friends will never forget you and we all have so many happy memories of time spent together, or just knowing you were there to be with, to laugh with and to cry with.
Our hearts go out to Laurence, to Helen and to all the many members of your close and extended family. And you will remain in those hearts for ever. Good-bye dear Shirley.

Helena Greene