Bagel Making Demonstration

On Tuesday 8 January 2019, 15 members of the Comunidad were in attendance to witness a wonderful demonstration of bagel making by Leslie and Helena.  This was a super event and was very much appreciated by all those present.  Neither Leslie nor Helena would accept any contribution for the cost of all of the ingredients or for their time and they showed us all how to make bagels from the start, with the making and kneading of the dough, to the boiling and final cooking of the bagels.  In the middle of the demonstration, whilst the dough was rising, we were all treated to coffee and bagels, with cream cheese and smoked salmon – bagels which they had baked earlier.  They were delicious and enjoyed by all.

This was a wonderful social event which everyone present said that they were delighted to have attended and we hope that there will be many more such events that the whole Comunidad can enjoy.  After a vote of thanks to them both, we all went our for lunch to a restaurant in Albir.