The A Team – Gornisht Helfen

The tournament was scheduled for February 9th. We were ready.

Geoff had himself cleared by Specsavers, Harvey bought new shoes, Irving

Invested in a Burberry GPS scarf and Warner took his famous 3 iron to bed each night. We went

through the usual intensive training with cardiologists, podoligists, proctologists etc. and were declared fit for nothing. Now the serious stuff. The big day had arrived.

So that the other teams could learn from our expertise we were first off the tee. What a start. 1st ball in the bush, the next stayed where it was, 3rd one hit a grounds man & the 4th dribbled off the ladies tee. However, the next shot straight to the green and one putt for a BIRDIE. High Fives all round!

The next 17 holes were like a dream nightmare. But were we pumped up; smoked salmon sandwiches, don’t mention the hip flask, and all the excitement of Arsenal down 3 – 0.

What a day. Irving dragged out of the bushes, Geoff never saw anything, Harvey crying all the way round, and Warner refusing to defend us against course destruction.

But guess what? We came 2nd & lots of prizes. The bond is sealed; we’re a team to be reckoned with. We’re going places. The further the better.

Villaitana Golf Tournament February 9th 2015